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Drug Awareness Course    $68

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This is an excellent course on the risks of taking prescription drugs and alternative treatments for addiction. They are now saying that the number one cause of addiction is due to being put on prescription drugs for physical issues and not being properly warned about the percentage of patients that become physically addicted to staten drugs.  Most doctors are as in the dark about this horrible problem as the patient is.  This is because Pharmaceutical companies are the ones educationg physicians and bias concerning the sales of their "new drug" is the motivating factor here.  They pay your doctor big money to use their drugs and doctors do not make a dime on selling natural remedies, which are proven to work better, faster and much more affordably.  This is also why many physicians are in recovery and also have a death rate of age 56 on average. This has become such a wide spread problem and there are also many studies that have been done that are not brought into the light and busy doctors do not have time to research these findings.  


This is a class we recommend to everyone.


You will be able to instantly print a "Certificate of Completion" after you receive a passing score.  We believe you will find our classes interesting and empowering.  We do not use the typical information offered in most traditional drug and alcohol awareness classes and we change them often.


You can register above then look for your email receipt with a pass-code for our Member's Only area.  


This is an open book review.  Once you begin your review, you cannot stop until you complete it. You will not be able to pause it.  The good news is there is not a time frame, so you can take your time.  Do not hit your browser back button on this review  or you will lose your information.  Only use the arrow up or down or your scroll button on the right of the screen.  If you do not pass you may take it over again, but you must pass the review with a 75% or higher.  


If you have questions call support at 1800-561-8085 ext.2 or click on the envelope above right.

Drug Awareness: Alternative Remedies to Overcoming Addiction

After registering above your class will be in the Member's Only area.

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