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Alcohol / Drug / DUI Evaluations & Assessments


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What exactly is an Evaluation / Assessment?

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in out of state issues

An Evaluation or Assessment is required by the courts anytime their has been a charge, arrest or citation that may involve alcohol or drugs.  

An Evaluation is the instrument used to determine the level of education or treatment, if any, that is recommended once you've had an Alcohol or Drug related issue. 

For DUI / DWI this program is for 1st time offenders only.  This evaluation is not for those who drive a commercial vehicle/truck. 

For Commercial Drivers - D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation Evaluations > GO HERE.)

Here is how our program works:

Our Process:


1. Register and pay above

2. Check your email for a guest-code into our MEMBER'S ONLY area

3. Complete 2 questionnaires online and sign & submit consent forms

4. Submit any associated documentation (IE: police reports, court orders, driving record etc.) We provide any easy checklist.

5. If needed, participate in a video conference with your evaluator. 

(Generally takes about 30 to 45 min. We can help you easily set this up.)

  • Your Evaluator will process everything & go over any questions / concerns.            (processing takes approx. 3 business days after submission of the above.)

  • Review & Print your Completed Evaluation to bring or submit to court or the requesting party.

                We can also submit this for you upon request at no extra charge!  


To get started, you must register above first. You will receive a receipt by email with a pass-code that you will use in our "Member's Only" area located on each page in the upper right corner. 


This will give you 24/7 access into your evaluation with easy to follow instructions and a convenient checklist.  Your Counselor will email you a welcome letter with their information right after registration, and they will ensure everything runs smoothly and ahead of schedule.


Questions call 1800-561-8085 - extension 2.

Or click on the envelope above right in the blue box for sending a quick message to us.


Their are no hidden costs and there is nothing extra to pay.  All of our programs come with a 100% guarantee. To order an evaluation and get started; you may click on our secure "Pay Now" button above and your order will be processed immediately.   You will receive a receipt by email with a guest/pass-code# for you to access your instructions and materials in our "Member's Only" area.

Depending on your reason for an alcohol and drug evaluation, a face to face interview may be required.  We offer face to face evaluations either live or also utilizing video conferencing. We can help you set this up.

 (For DUI / DWI / OWI, this program is NOT for Commercial drivers and is for 1st time offenders ONLY! ) WE HAVE SAP SERVICES FOR COMMERCIAL DRIVERS

Please note; We do not provide DUI / DWI services for the following states through this service,  (unless you reside out of state) IL, NC, NJ, NY or SC. 

How do I get started?

Heading 2

Who is eligible to take these and are they accepted by the courts and Motor Vehicle Agencies?

Each state and county has their own standards.   A good rule of thumb is if you were told you can pick your own service provider for your evaluation.  If you were given a list of places to pick from, then you should use one of the Service Providers on that list.  Most often they will allow you to choose your own Service Provider, provided they are properly credentialed, however, if you are unsure, just ask!


We provide Alcohol & Drug evaluations and assessments for many different purposes and we do our best to make it as simple, convenient and affordable as possible. New technology and Covid-19 has introduced ways of providing services to you that were not available until recently.  Most departments and agencies have now added this technology and you can complete your evaluation through these methods either online and/or phone and by Video Conference.  Most of these methods can be done directly through your Smart-Phone.  You may choose which method is most comfortable for you to complete your evaluation / assessment.  This is also acceptable for individuals needing an evaluation for the Motor Vehicle Agency and for employment related requirements.


​​Please note: We have affiliate member's in most states but as of right now we do not provide DUI / DWI evaluation services for the following states online:  IL, NC, NY, NJ & SC. 

Our organization provides thorough evaluations and assessments through:

DASA - Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. This is an approved program through the Department of Health and Human Services. We have a solid reputation and follow appropriate guidelines to ensure the continued trust of both our clients and the Justice System.  We are here to provide fair and accurate assessments while saving you hundreds of dollars, hours of time and assisting you through this confusing & stressful process.  


All of our services are guaranteed 100%!              

Who handles my questions or concerns?

​You will be assigned a counselor who will work with you through the process for accuracy and peace of mind. Upon completion, your evaluation will be sent directly to your email box with-in approximately 3 to 4 business days to easily print up and submit to the Courts, Work, Probation,  Motor Vehicle Dept., or requesting party. (We can also submit this for you, upon request at no extra charge.) We are available 6 days per week for your convenience and to answer any questions.

Whatever the reason for your evaluation or assessment, everyone will begin by registering above on our secure "REGISTER" button through PayPal (no account necessary)   Your order will be processed immediately.  Check your Email for  a receipt with your order confirmation which will contain a pass-code to enter the "Members Only" area, where your instructions and materials are located to get started right away.

How do I get started?

How soon before I get my completed evaluation back ?

You will need to complete 2 simple online surveys, sign some consent forms, submit any associated paperwork and depending on your situation, do either a 20 to 45 min. video chat or phone conversation  That's it!  Once received, we will have it back to you in "approximately" 3 business days from when you get everything in to us.. 

NOTE: We currently do not have rush services available.

Questions? Call Customer Service at:

Ph. 1800-561-8085 ext 3 / Fax 1888-835-5427

or fill out our contact form by clicking

on the envelope above or send an Email to:

and a representative will gladly assist you.

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