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 Alcohol / Drug / DUI
Evaluations & Assessments

An Evaluation or Assessment is the instrument used to determine the level of education or treatment, if any, that is recommended once you've had an Alcohol / Drug related issue. There are many different reasons someone may need an evaluation or assessment.

 Individuals required to take an Alcohol, Drug or DUI Evaluation or Assessment for legal or personal purposes may do so easily through our agency via, phone, internet or video confrencing.

(For DUI / DWI, this program is for 1st time offenders & Non-Commercial License) 

Please note; we do not provide DUI services for an offence that occurred within the following states unless you reside outside of these states. IL, NC, NJ, NY, or WA.


     You can register by clicking on the paypal button below. Your receipt will contain a pass-code to unlock our "Members Only" area to get started. These evaluations are provided by DASA (Division of Alcohol & Substance Abuse) certified alcohol & drug counselors and come with a 100% guarantee.

      Right now we are offering these evaluations for a TOTAL cost of $165.00.  You simply register, answer some "yes or no" questions directly on line, and sign and send to us any pertinent paperwork. We do the rest, no hidden charges or anything extra.  You will be assigned a specific counselor who will work with you through the process for accuracy and peace of mind. Your completed evaluation will then be sent directly to your email box with-in approx. 3 business days, for you to easily print up and submit to the DMV, court or requesting party. We can also submit this for you by request, at no extra charge. 
    To order this evaluation and get started; you may click on our secure "buy now" button below and your order will be processed immediately, and you will receive a confirmation receipt by email with a password code# for you to access your program materials and instructions in our
Member's Only area.

Questions?  Contact us at: Customer Service at;1-800-561-8085 or email us at;

We also offer Live Video Evaluations.  They are by appointment only.





Anger Management  


Don't let anger steal your joy from you any longer.  Learn how to react and relate better during any situation in life.  We offer an easy, yet effective Anger Management, On-line course, that is suitable for court requirements.  No matter how many hours you have been assigned or where you reside in the U.S., we have a course that will meet your needs.  Our course is simple, convenient and effective. You can complete this course in a few hours or take your time and work at your own pace.  It comes with a 100% guarantee.
     Your course includes an interactive work-book, quiz, and a "Certificate of Completion" to print immediately upon passing to bring to your court appointment or to the requesting party. 





  • Not a Timed Class - work at your own pace

  • DHHS Approved for Court Requirements

  • Available 24/7 & Open Book Course

  • Most Affordable starting at $65

  • Instant Certificate Upon Completion

  • 100% Acceptance Money Back Guarantee 

  • Easy Interactive Online Course

  • No Retake Charges (99% pass 1st time)

Benefits of Taking our Class

Anger Management



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  Alcohol Awareness 
DUI / DWI - Education
If this is your first Alcohol / Drug related offense than you may be eligible to take our online Alcohol Awareness course.  This course covers a minimum of 8 to16 hours class time depending on your requirements and comes with an immediate printable "certificate of completion" upon a passing.  

     This is an informative, easy and affordable online interactive class which covers the latest statistics of Alcohol and Drug use and also DUI statistics and how it relates to students as well as adults, and also covers options for responsible drinking.
If you are taking this for court requirements please find out first from your county court or the party requesting this class, if it is permissible to take an online class to meet your requirements. 

     You can register below You will be emailed a receipt with a code for the Members only area to start.



Victim Impact Panel Online Program $29

The purpose of the Victim Impact panels is to put convicted offenders close to those who have experienced this tragedy first hand, and now due to ever increasing technology, it has been approved for use online.

While the Prevention Council offers this program live, it is also avail-able online for those who reside in an area where a Victim Impact Panel is not available or for those who cannot physically attend a panel.  We feel that the impact a panel offers is an important tool in aiding in the efforts of eliminating driving under the influence.


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