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 About Court Ordered Victim Impact Panels

The original victim impact panel was a forum developed by Mothers who had lost a beloved son or daughter as a result of a drunken driver.  These forums, where the actual family member's of a fatal victim of a drunk driving accident. They were given the chance to share their stories with persons convicted of DUI offenses. Due to the clear effectiveness of the Victim Impact Panels, the court ordered use of Victim Impact Panels has become widespread as part of a sentencing option.


In addition, as the detection and prosecution of DUI / DWI / OWI offences has increased, the number of DUI offenders has increased and it has become increasingly difficult to schedule actual victims to present at the victim impact panels. The overall tone and setting of a victim impact panel is a place where victims can use a fact based approach to lay out the tremendous consequences of drunk driving. The goal is not to judge the DUI offenders but to provide a way for the DUI offender to personalize and internalize the severe impact of drunk driving.

How does this online victim impact panel work?

If you are required to sit in on a Victim Impact Panel and there is not one available in your area, you are under house arrest or you reside in a rural area, then we have put together a way for you to observe an actual Victim Impact Panel anywhere, including on your mobile phone. We have an approved program that allows you to view these live Victim Impact Panels and gain a perspective from the other side.


How do I get started?

 You can start off by clicking on the "Pay Now" button and add your email   address to register.  


 After payment completion, check your email for a Welcome Letter which   contains a code to use in our MEMBER'S ONLY area. (Look for an 8 digit code   ending in 1212)  Go to our MEMBER'S ONLY area and click on the Victim   Impact Panel button and use the guest-code to get in.

 Hit play and watch the video, then take the short review (quiz) after the video.

  Upon completion you will receive an immediate certificate stating you

  observed a Victim Impact Panel.  If this is a court or legal requirement, your


  information is documented and the certificate has a contact number listed for 

  your verification confirmation. (If someone is purchasing this for you, it's no

  problem as we will verify the name listed on the certificate and review.)​


 Is pre-registration necessary?

 Yes. This is important for court requirements. (If someone is purchasing this   for you, it's no problem as we will verify the name listed on the certificate   and review) Register by clicking  on the "Buy Now"  button. This can be   viewed on your own time schedule, and you  can watch the  video as often as   you feel the  need and complete the review for your certificate of attendance

 and court  verification.


 How long is the video?

 The video is 29 minutes long with a short quiz following to receive a proof of 

 attendance certificate.

 Is there a charge for the Victim Impact Panel?

 Yes, the $29.00 registration fee is for the certificate, review and court referral, 

 inclusive of; your quiz, your certificate of attendance and court confirmation


 I am interested in speaking at a panel.  Who should I contact?                                                                    

 Testimonials from offenders who participated in Victim Impact Panels

 were asked to give feed-back.  Here are some examples of their  comments:

  • I was sad after watching this video. I also was very shocked and guilty at Anna's cause of death because I too have texted on my phone many of times while driving. It's a new eye-opener for me personally because that could easily be me. I would like to send my condolences to Anna's family. I also am very appreciative of them sharing their story with us. 

  • “What I heard tonight was difficult for me to sit through. I never thought of other people’s feelings like how bad they are still hurting even 30 something years later. I will never drink and drive again and I will try to stop people (family, friends) from making the same mistake I did.”

  • “I have driven drunk many times, but after this I don’t think I will be doing it again.”

  • “Because of the stories from tonight I will do everything I can to stop not only myself but anyone I know from driving after drinking.”

  • “Very concise, well done, very brave.”

  • “Very good presentation.  I attend AA meetings and have heard many difficult stories like the ones the victims told.  Never realized how severe a DWI can be to the families though.


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