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Anger Management   $170                              

Assessment / Evaluation


Our Anger Management Assessments are specifically designed for court purposes, and we guarantee them 100%.  They are accepted in all 52 states, so long as you were given permission to choose your own agency or service provider.  (If you are unsure, ASK..) They are easy to complete and very convenient because you can complete these in the privacy of your own home and/or on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.


An Anger Management Facilitator will ensure that your paperwork is in appropriate order to satisfy the courts, your employer or probation etc.

We have made this process as convenient as possible by utilizing online technology. 


Our Process:


1. Register and pay above

2. Check your email for receipt with pass-code for our MEMBER'S ONLY area

3. Complete 2 questionnaires and a consent form online

4. Submit any associated documentation (IE: court orders etc.) to us

5. If needed, participate in a video conference with your evaluator.

(Generally takes about 30 to 45 min. We can help you easily set this up.)

Note:  Allow your counselor 2 to 3 days to process your paperwork and

notify you if a face to face video conference is necessary (takes about a 1/2 hour to 45 min.)

To get started, you must register above first. You will receive a receipt by email with a pass-code that you will use in our "Member's Only" area located on each page of this website in the upper right corner.


This will give you 24/7 access into your evaluation with easy to follow instructions.  Your Counselor / Facilitator's information can also be found there and they will ensure everything runs smoothly and ahead of schedule.


Questions call 1800-561-8085 and hit extension 3.

Or click on the envelope above right in the blue box for sending a quick message to us. 


Don't forget to check your email after registration!


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