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Certified Anger Management


Anger Management Online

Would you like to control your anger instead of your anger controlling you??o Co

If you feel that your anger has been streaming out of control, causing hurt and stress in your everyday life or if you need to take an anger management course to satisfy the courts than this course is for you.  Learn to understand what triggers anger in you and work to change the direction and minimize the actions that lead to guilt, regret and eventually legal problems.  Changing the way you react to events that trigger anger in you is a learned behavior that this program will guide you through.  With some specific tools you can learn to replace your old habits with new techniques that will improve your relationships in every area. This class will train you on how to catch and reroute your anger and with some practise will

become a way of life and allow you to control your anger and not let your anger control you.

Benefits of our Classes

  • Not a Timed Class - work at your own pace

  • Dept. of Health & Human Services Approval for Court Requirements

  • Available 24/7 

  • Open Book Course

  • Instant Certificate Upon Completion

  • 100% Acceptance Money Back Guarantee 

  • Easy Interactive Online Course

  • No Retake Charges (99% pass 1st time)

This program is provided by the Department of Health and Human Services so it is ALWAYS APPROVED for court requirements.  We can also tailor a class to meet your specific hourly requirements. The greatest benefit about taking a class that is provided by the Department of Health and Human Services is that as soon as you complete the course outlined for you, you are not required to stay timed in, but please don't rush, we want you to receive maximum benefits from this program and our students say they enjoy the class.



Our classes are guaranteed to satisfy court requirements and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Your course comes with an interactive workbook, review, and a "Certificate of Completion" to print immediately upon passing to bring to your court appointment or to the requesting party.  This is everything you will need to satisfy court requirements.  We can also send a copy of your certificate to your attorney, probation officer or county court upon request.  Best of all it can change the direction of your life.  

​Our facilitators are Anderson & Anderson Certified for Anger Management, which is the top Anger Management Organization recognized by the US Criminal Justice Dpt. 

You can register for this class and get started; by clicking on a "REGISTER" button above or in our registration section and sign up securely by clicking on the Certified Anger Management Class  Your order will be processed immediately.  IMPORTANT **  Directly after registering a receipt will be EMAILED to you with a Pass - Code # on it.  This is your password to access the MEMBER'S ONLY area for your selected program.​

Questions? click the contact us button above  or call Customer Service at 1800-561-8085. and a representative will gladly assist you.



 Certificate can be printed up immediately upon passing
If you are court ordered to take an Anger Management Assessment or Evaluation Please Click Below

8 hr. $75

10 hr. $80

12 hr. $85

14 hr. $90

16 hr. $95

Need an Anger Management

Assessment or Evaluation?

4 hr. $65

(Most used
for court

4 hr.

8 hr.

14 hr.

16 hr.

10 hr.

12 hr.







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