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If its been a while since your last evaluation, or if significant information was missing from a prior evaluation that could impact the outcome, a Judge, Probation Officer or "Other" will usually request an Up-dated or Re-Evaluation, for corrections to confirm there has not been any other arrests or issues since your last report and/or that you are in compliance with your recommendations.

This is done exactly like your original evaluation from us. The good news is:

You will not have to re-submit the majority of your documentation again.  

Unfortunately, if you did not get your original evaluation with us you are not eligible to take this up-dated evaluation.  You will have to register for out standard Alcohol/Drug/DUI Evaluation located HERE. 

Register Above and Check your Email to get your Pass-Code for the Member's Only area. IMPORTANT:  PLEASE NOTE - FOR AN UPDATED EVALUATION, YOU ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE THE "USAGE HISTORY" AND THE "ONLINE CASE EVALUATION."  It is not necessary to re-do the consent /signature packet or resend reports. We will contact you for any other release forms or documentation we may need.

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