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Cornerstone Recovery Coaching offers a convenient program to DOT Regulated Employees and Employers saving them time and money by conducting our DOT Certified Evaluation services right at your own facility.  

At Cornerstone Recovery Coaching we have an "Easy-to-Follow" program with a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) in the DOT Drug and Alcohol testing program which meets the SAP qualification requirements in rule #40.281. 

Substance Abuse Professionals evaluate employees who have violated a DOT Drug and Alcohol Program Regulation and make recommendations concerning Education, Treatment, Follow-Up Testing, and Aftercare if deemed necessary.  Here at Cornerstone Recovery Coaching we personally guide you through this complicated maze to ensure all requirements are met as swiftly and affordably as possible. 

When DOT Drug & Alcohol Rules are violated; [e.g. test positive, or refuse a test,] employers are required to immediately remove employees from performing safety-sensitive functions and not permit the employee to return to DOT regulated safety-sensitive functions until the employee has:

1.  Undergone an evaluation by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

     [employers must provide you a list of SAPs in your area even if the

     employer fired you or did not hire you]

2.  Successfully completed any course, counseling or treatment prescribed

     by the SAP prior to returning to service;

3.  Undergone a follow up evaluation by the same SAP to determine your

      compliance with their recommendations.

4.  Provided a breath and/or urine specimen that tests negative for drugs

     and/or alcohol prior to returning to DOT regulated safety-sensitive


FastTrack Enrollment – SAP Evaluation Services

$399 Includes the Following:

✓ Scheduling of the initial evaluation
✓ (2) Face-to-face substance abuse evaluations with a DOT qualified SAP 
✓ Recommendations for education or treatment (as per the requirement of the DOT)
✓ (2) SAP reports (initial and follow-up)
✓ Recommendations for submitting to a return-to-duty test



DOT Gov/odap
Employee Handbook

Employees are also subject to unannounced “Follow-Up” testing for drugs and/or alcohol for at least 6 times during the first 12 months of active service with the possibility of unannounced testing for up to 60 months [as prescribed by the SAP]. The Return-to-Duty and Follow-Up drug tests will be conducted under direct observation.

Provides accurate and timely implementation of the substance abuse evaluation, makes necessary treatment recommendations, alcohol and drug testing and complete follow-up directions. With frequent updates and additions to the law you can feel confident when you make the referral to Cornerstone Recovery Coaching that you have a qualified professional and are in full compliance with all DOT/SAP rules & regulations.


What you can expect from a Cornerstone Recovery Coaching DOT SAP provider:


  • Face-to-face DOT Clinical Evaluation

  • Determination of level of care recommendation

  • Follow-Up Assessment

  • Meet Required Testing



To speak with a representative; Contact us at: 800-561-8085 ext 2 / OR  



DOT Compliancy

Mobile Drug Testing makes drug and alcohol testing far more convenient, efficient, and cost effective. We specialize in onsite testing, providing our services discreetly at your location and on your schedule.

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