For parents of kids 7 - 17-year-olds.


Being a parent today of a child is not for the faint of heart.  Raising a stable teen or tween, requires some work with fresh and unique ideas..., and unless its interesting to both you and your child, it will be harder to be consistent. 


It's true, consistency is the key, and your child will hold it against you if you do not stick to the rules of your game plan!

We have found an incredible program that we feel all parents should be required to take, that is how good it is.  

For any of our clients this program will cost very little, and we highly recommend you take advantage of this program. We are confident you will not be sorry.


Unfortunately, if you need this for court, it will cost you a bit more.., but not a lot more and it will be worth it.  The courts require us to provide meticulous paperwork and progress reports which are timely for the providers, but when child abuse, neglect, endangerment etc are in question, well then it takes a community.  This will be time well spent and we believe will bring greater joy into your life.  


1.  There are 10 lessons. The first starts off with a video conference with you and

     either your child, children or family.

2.  The parent/s will view a video first, then depending on the lesson, either answer

     questions or complete the challenge and implement the lesson into your life

     regularly.  Each lesson will be practiced daily for one week until your next


3.  Each time you complete a lesson/challenges; you will consult with your counselor.

4.  There is a minimum of 10 lessons/challenges for you to complete. There is 1

     wrap-up consultation meeting at the end to finalize and complete reports for court.

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  • National - Addiction Severity Index

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  • National Association of Addiction Professionals

  • Governor's Highway Safety Administration

  • Professional Christian Counseling and Coaching Association

  • Anger Management Credentialing

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