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Drinking & Driving Education (Court Required)

Classes for DUI / DWI & similar.  

Choose from 8 to16 hr. classes.          $65 - $99 

Immediate Certificate upon passing

If this is your first Alcohol / Drug related offence or if you live outside of the state of your offence, than you are eligible to take our online Alcohol Awareness Risk Education course.  This course covers a minimum of 8 and up to 16 hours of required class time depending on your counties requirements.  
You can register below or get more info.

This is an informative, easy and affordable online Alcohol Risk Education class which covers; Alcohol Awareness, Substance Abuse and also the latest statistics of DUI / DWI, and how it relates to students as well as adults, This class covers understanding your limits and also covers options for being a responsible designated driver.


We always recommend a live class if available.  If however you are out of state and in need of a class to complete court requirements or if you reside in a rural area, than this class is for you. This is a nationally approved class and is guaranteed acceptance. 

The prices for your course are listed below and include a certified "certificate of completion." immediately upon passing that may be printed & saved .  You can securely register for this class by clicking on the "buy now" button and choosing  "Your class hrs,".  IMPORTANT: After registering, You will receive a confirmation receipt by email. There is an 8 digit Guest / Code number on it that you will need to access your program details in our "MEMBER'S ONLY" area.

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